Facade de Byl à Tournai

Who are we?

We are a family enterprise specialised in the international transport of palleted goods.

We provide you with vans, trucks or lorries capable of transporting between 500 Kg to 24 tonnes in weight. We offer a range of transport options adapted to all your collective or whole batch shipment needs.

Our company has been based in Tournai since 1937 and in the Tournai-Ouest industrial park since 1974.

Our family structure gives us great flexibility and reactivity in response to your requests.

logo Byl

Françoise and Carine Vanderhaegen manage the company.

Françoise and Carine are specifically in charge of operations and manage a fleet comprising 45 tractors, 60 covered lorries, ten-tonne capacity trucks equipped with hydraulic hatchback, vans and "express" delivery vehicles.

They will react quickly and effectively to your requests.

  Transport Byl

Byl offers computer-managed storage solutions on supervised premises covering 18,000m².

Whenever you contact Transports BYL s.a., you can be sure of dealing with a professional and responsible representative who can guarantee you a personalised, profitable service.

Keep in mind that we are true specialists in traffic linking Belgium and France, particularly from Brussels and Antwerp to Lille (Department 59), Paris and its region (Department 92-93-95).

In addition, we benefit from a vast network of representatives with the flexibility of SMEs.